Private Schools Guide of South Florida (PSGSF) offers parents an informative perspective on private schools. PSGSF was designed to help families navigate the vast array of options in order to make the best choice for their child’s development and education. PSGSF provides profiles of prominent successful private schools, reaching thousands of families in Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach. PSGSF is locally recognized as the leading print and digital magazine in South Florida.


Elizabeth Rivas, President

Previously, she served for over 15 years as vice president of sales for Florida Construction News, which is the leading construction news magazine in Florida. As the Publisher she offers 20 years of experience in Publishing and Marketing. While serving as vice-president she also became the Vice President for Florida Home & Condo Expo. Designed a local conference called, “Miami, a vision of the future”, where local prominent leaders were among the panelists. Ms. Rivas was involved in the growth of this regional magazine known as of Florida Construction News and each of the magazines’ properties including their web sites. Under Ms. Rivas’ leadership, the magazine maintained the highest regional circulation, experienced record-breaking sales and aided the magazine in receiving the prestigious AIA (American Institutes of Architects) Award of Excellence.  She created revenue for the company of over 1 Million dollars during the first years. Ms. Rivas received her Masters Degree in Human Services from Liberty University and a Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University  in Business Administration  with  a  minor in Marketing.   She resides in Miami with her three daughters.

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